Tuesday, 7 August 2012

The Sikh Temple Shooting

I predicted further mass-shootings after Denver, but not this soon!

Once again we have the FBI trying to shut down the investigation almost as soon as it has started, by obsessing on the lone gunman theory.  At least this time a local agent got out a reference to another person of interest, before being sat on from Washington (which is what it looks like).

It is not unknown in DVD-sponsored mass shootings for the shooter to be taken out, either by police or an accomplice (eg Dunblane and Cumbria).  The circumstances of Page's death need to be closely examined.  

Unfortunately local police departments usually do not follow Commissioner Gordon's example, realise they are out of their depth and call for outside assistance.  There are the intelligence world's equivalents of the Caped Crusaders but they are not usually sent for.  No offence, but Oak Creek PD seem to have no idea what they are dealing with.

The media are treating the two incidents as separate, which is ridiculous.  Both show strong indications of being COREA Group sponsored, the COREA Group being the DVD's penetration operation inside the CIA.  It looks as though extensive political interference from Washington is being run on both investigations.

The two police departments do not seem to be talking to each other.  

It is just possible that the local Sikh community have someone with connections to Indian military intelligence  They are aware of the DVD so might be able to assist the PD.  Most of the victims appear to be dual Indian/US nationals, so the Indians would have locus to assist the investigation.

Speaking of India the Indian Premier League need to back down over trying to break up the England cricket team.  IPL maches should NOT be scheduled so as to clash with Test Matches.  A much closer look needs to be taken at the IPL's funding.   Since they are effectively beer matches and the teams are not first class the stats should not be included in 'List A' T20 stats.  

It is possible poor old KP is being set up, ie plenty of money on offer to tempt him away from England, then the contracts dry up.   International cricket, sadly, is highly political.  Of course had Hugh Morris and the ECB not sacked him as captain the problem would not have arisen. 

Sadly, Strauss has once again shown his weaknesses as a captain.  Too proud to take advice from former players like Michael Vaughan and Geoffrey Boycott, who know Headingley well, he inserted the opposition when he should have batted, had his bowlers at the wrong end and left out a spinner on a wicket taking spin.   I respectfully endorse Sir Ian Botham's criticisms of his field placings and tactics on the last day.  It would be a great day for English cricket if Strauss and Morris would both resign, but it's more likely we shall lose Pietersen instead, the world's greatest batsman on current form.      


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