Saturday, 25 August 2012

The Prince Harry Affair

Predictably our unpatriotic media has obsessed itself with attacking the Royal Family and bashing HRH Prince Harry.  Equally predictably the unpatriotic Coalition Government let it happen on their watch and has done nothing about it, nor will they.   I did not fall off out of my chair when it was reported yesterday (24th August) that Rupert Murdoch had personally sanctioned the Sun's disgraceful action in publishing the photos.   

As with all compromising piccies the really interesting questions are:

(1)  who took them, and

(2)  why were they allowed to?

Friday, 17 August 2012

The Pietersen Affair

Predictably England are struggling in the Lords Test, with a weakened batting line-up.
Equally predictably there were empty seats.  Cricket lovers do not want to see England's Second XI.

It is reasonable to suppose that South Africa were behind the original leak about the contentious texts to the Mail.  I can't see KP having been behind it, nor do I suppose that the Mail hacked into his mobile phone!  

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

The Sikh Temple Shooting

I predicted further mass-shootings after Denver, but not this soon!

Once again we have the FBI trying to shut down the investigation almost as soon as it has started, by obsessing on the lone gunman theory.  At least this time a local agent got out a reference to another person of interest, before being sat on from Washington (which is what it looks like).

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Article 50

I promised a response to Richard North, whose rather more widely read blog started a debate on the topic of the mechanisms for leaving the EU.

There are two ways - either the UK leaves (as I argue we should) in accordance with the TEU itself, under Article 50, or under the Vienna Convention on International Treaties.  Vienna can be excluded but was not, so there is no doubt it applies to the TEU.

Friday, 3 August 2012

The Strange Incident; Update

Firstly, the incorrect use of QC has been removed (thank you to those responsible for removal). I emphasise again, for the avoidance of doubt, that I am not a QC, nor have I ever held myself out as such.  I suppose I should take it as a compliment that sometimes I have to struggle to persuade people that I am not!   

I am aware that some trolls have suggested (in posted comments on the Veterans Today website) that I was making the Olympics aircraft incident up, however it has been CONFIRMED that an ASL KingAir, described by its owners as acting under charter to a Belgian television company, made a crash landing at Cambridge Airport. In addition to what is described as a 'total electrical failure' but was more likely an AC supply failure only, the nosewheel collapsed on landing.   Multiple failures like that on an aircraft as reliable as the KingAir call for comment.  They are apparently a nice plane to fly, with few vices.  

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

A Strange Incident

 Thanks to those who are working on removing the offending reference to 'QC.'    

 More on the Raytheon/Beechcraft King Air 200 incident at the Olympics.  The aircraft was operated by ASL of Liege, Belgium.   It is still unclear what she was doing - although she seems to have been fitted with a UHF aerial, so she MIGHT have been re-transmitting TV signals, although it seems a very odd way of doing it (why not just use a satellite van, like everybody else?).  The other published explanation - cameraplane - makes even less sense.   The aircraft does not appear to have been fitted with camera ports, and is pressurised, so any cameraman would have to record through windows.  There are good reasons why tv stations usually use unpressurised helos for this work.