Monday, 30 July 2012

My New Blog..

Hello everyone!  This is a new venture for me, which I hope will become more popular after the publication of my intelligence history, Spyhunter, due out in the States in mid-November.

First the legal stuff:  I am not and never have been a QC.   Although there is a link to the video of the on-the-record intelligence briefing I gave to the Marlborough Research Group in 2010 describing me as a 'QC' that video was not uploaded by me and I did not authorise the use of 'QC.'  I have asked for it to be amended.

Friday, 27 July 2012

Olympic & Movie Theatre Security

We should have a safe Games in London and as presently advised there is no reason for teams, visitors or dignitaries to follow the example of President Peres and withdraw. 
I am of course aware that Shimon Peres has provided a religious pretext, but I for one am not buying.  There was a threat – a major one – but with the assistance of the Vulcan Team including Veterans Today founder Gordon Duff it was spotted and dealt with it, no thanks to Thames Valley Police, in April.


I see the thorny subject of Polonium poisoning has come up again.  Mrs Arafat is trying to maintain that her late husband was assassinated, as opposed to snuffing it from natural causes.

Where's The Evidence?

This issue is bound to be raised when my forthcoming intelligence history of the DVD, Spyhunter, is published.
The rumour mill suggests it has thrown the British Cabinet Office into shock – it was apparently they who were behind the seizure on April 20th of my working papers, including several weeks worth of revisions, which had not been backed up offshore (rats!).

The DVD's U-Boats

Key to the recent planned DVD operation (code-named Vulcan by the unofficial UK team which I led) against Japan was their possession of at least three Type XXI U-Boats.   Now before anyone starts making silly postings about their being too old I should emphasise that these boats are not fitted with their original machinery.